Gifts To Enlighten Your Life…


Innertaining Musings


5X7 matted with envelope suitable for framing in a variety of mat colors

These “Motivational Messages” can open your heart, tickle your soul, expand your mind and massage your funny bone! (more)

Inspirational Photos

8 X 10 color photos with inscriptions with a variety of matte colors

Beautiful images combined with inspiring poetry (more)

Family Baggage

Videos and DVDs

An outrageous series of tragi-comedy vignettes exploring the mania and pathos of modern relationships as the are affected by growing up in addictive, dysfunctional, or otherwise nutso families.(more)

Essential Journeys

Compact Discs with narration and music and accompanying booklets.

These “Essential Journeys” take you into the very essence of our relationship to ourselves and our creator. Through drama, humor and music they reveal the passages from ignorance to enlightenment, fear to freedom, and brokenness to wholeness. (more)

Inspirational Poems

8X10 matted, suitable for framing in a variety of mat colors

These “Inspirational Poems” satisfy the soul’s hunger to be nourished and honored.
They generate feelings of acceptance and appreciation and affirm our connection with the Source of love. (more)